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Taylor Lewan Feels Angry and Disrespected-- Derrick Henry May Rush for 3000 Yards This Year

As I referenced last week, CBS released their rankings on the top 10 offensive linemen in the NFL. 

1. David Bakhtiari, Packers

2. Ronnie Stanley, Ravens

3. Tyron Smith, Cowboys

4. Ryan Ramczyk, Saints

5. Mitchell Schwartz, Chiefs

6. Trent Williams, 49ers

7. Terron Armstead, Saints

8. Lane Johnson, Eagles

9. Laremy Tunsil, Texans

10. La'el Collins, Cowboys

Anyone you can think of that sticks out as missing to you? Maybe it's the suspension (cough cough), but it is absolutely CRAZY that not only the boy isn't on the list at all, but that players like Tunsil and Trent Williams are. Trent didn't even play ONE game last season. 

I'm no offensive lineman evaluator, but the fact that the Titans had Derrick Henry wreaking HAVOC all last season, getting to the AFC championship game with Ryan Tannehill, the same QB who played for and was discarded from the god awful Dolphins (who had Tunsil blocking for him at the time), speaks volumes in terms of the disrespect shown. 

Tay Tay talked about it on the latest episode of the Bussin With The Boys: 

"It's all good. It's all good. I mean it is all good. My forearm is twitching right now. I feel angry. Disrespected in a lot of ways. All of these guys are good football players. [But] It's hard to even argue that I'm not top 5. I think if you look at what a team asks a guy to do, there aren't many guys who do as much as I do on the field. And if you go into meetings, I'm also the guy who asks for more responsibility but I will get my respect. We'll see. I know I got suspended last year but not being top 10 is ridiculous. It's all good now. It's easy to put a list up in June. We'll see in January." 

The ranking is now Taylor's phone background. The last time he was disrespected was when rumors were floating that Tunsil was going to be drafted #1 overall and take Taylor's job. We see how that worked out. 

The question is, why the disrespect, NOW? He's already proven himself time and time again. 

Could it be that these teams get more national TV shine? Definitely. Would CBS rather have a lineman that hasn't played all year than one that had trace amounts of PEDs in his system? Sure sounds like it. 

But you better believe that whenever we get football back, Taylor is going to be on a tear. 

Taylor Lewan on a normal day is a monster. But Taylor Lewan with ANOTHER chip on his shoulder? LORD ALMIGHTY. Derrick Henry might rush for 3k this year. So keep this in mind when Fantasy Football drafts start coming around. Our Boy is mad, and it's the rest of the NFL that's going to pay.

To check out Taylor's simmering anger in real time, check out the latest podcast from Bussin' With the Boys: