The News Of The Nuggets Closing Their Practice Facility Due To Coronavirus Isn't Great!

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Well shit. I know that the league was expecting players to test positive as they started to ramp up testing, and people way smarter than me weren't too worried about the 5% of players that initially tested positive. The league knew that was coming and it was business as usual in terms of the Orlando restart. 

But this? I'm not so sure they were anticipating having to once again shut down practice facilities. The Nets had already done it (just reopened today), and now the Nuggets are shutting things down for a while. What I find interesting is the facility was locked to players and staff, but seeing as how players could go back into the world its not like they lived in a bubble. The fact that it was within the traveling party in Orlando is what makes me a little nervous. There's a part of me that an outbreak is going to happen in the bubble not because of outside influences, but because players/coaches/staff are going to bring corona into Orlando. Once that starts who knows what happens. We know Adam Silver said they wouldn't shut things down unless there was a a true "outbreak", but it's still unclear what that number is. 

What this latest Woj bomb does though is bring back up the debate as to whether or not this is all worth it. Sadly, money talks. The league came out and said they are returning because sports are important to people which might be true on some level, but the real reason is that sweet, sweet cash. That and the potential ramifications to the CBA if they just cancel the season. Sort of a lose/lose situation to be honest. I think we all want basketball to be back if things are safe, but there's just no way of knowing for sure just how safe things will actually be in the bubble. This is uncharted territory for everyone.

There are still around 30 days left until games officially start, but training camp was supposed to start July 9th. In case you still have quarantine brain and don't realize it, that's in 9 days. Do things feel like we are in a good spot to start things up in a little over a week? I don't know how anyone could say yes. It's mostly just a 

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type of situation which we all can admit isn't great. Get things started and see what happens while adjusting accordingly I guess. If you have to shut things down due to an outbreak I suppose you cross that bridge when you get to it.

I just know that as we get closer  to this return things look worse and worse. More positive tests, facilities being shut down, it's like we travelled back in time to March or some shit. The whole thing continues to be one giant clusterfuck and I don't know if anyone has the answers.