Stephen A Smith Basically Says NBA Players Will Break The Bubble Rules Because They Need To Fuck

There are plenty of people who will offer their opinion on this topic, but if there's one person you can trust it's this man

I don't know why but when it comes to the topic of gettin' it in, I trust Stephen A. There are many reasons why Stephen A is the GOAT, but a clip like that is a great example. You think he gives a fuck? He's just saying what everyone else is thinking. If you don't think players are going to be sneaking in and out of the bubble or finding ways to sneak people in so they can bust a nut well then you are living in a different universe. In fact it wouldn't shock me if some teams are already factoring this in. Guys will be in a much better mindset to perform in the playoffs if they aren't filled with poison. These are NBA players we're talking about! How else do you think they are going to stay sane, especially if some of them are stuck in the bubble for 3+ months. Watching film? Unless that film is of them putting in work I highly doubt it. 

The best part about that clip was how PG he tried to be. His smirk killed me. All he was trying to do is just say what is on everyone's mind about this whole bubble topic. As someone who is around NBA players all the time, he knows they aren't just going to go cold turkey when it comes to smashing jersey chasers. Forget going three months, they can't go three weeks! Must be nice. Here you were thinking First Take was a family show, well not on Stephen A's watch! 

Almost immediately he took to Twitter to keep it even more real, which is why Stephen A is the GOAT's GOAT

All hail our king. The best to ever do it and it's not even close.