What Are The White Sox Going To Do With Michael Kopech, Nick Madrigal and Andrew Vaughn?

We are *officially* about 3 weeks out from Opening Day.  What a weird fucking world we're in right now. Sports canceled, celebrities canceled, summer canceled, left vs. white, up vs. down... it's really crazy. But we'll at least have some since of normalcy sooner than later and that comes in the form of baseball.

Go fucking figure that the first year the White Sox are supposed to be a legit team, a global pandemic wipes out half the season. I swear to god we just cannot have nice things as fans. 2005 was awesome, but the devil is in soul possession of our sole right now. Whatever - fuck it. This season and this championship will mean just as much as any other season and championship since Abner Doubleday was penning baseball's rules.

That is unless Covid fucks with us some more, which isn't out of the realm of possibility.

THAT SAID - let's get to a quick mailbag. Lot of good questions rolling in today

Beefloaf, I must first say that I miss your ugly mugs in the 108 every bit as much as I miss the actual product we're consuming 1000 beers a day to watch. To answer your question - I have no idea. He should be and will be, but right now he's not for whatever reason. I am FAR from adept at all of the new rules regarding service time, eligibility, etc. but there's no way he's not going to be on the taxi squad this year. He's proven he can hit at this level and in spite of shit shit numbers in Chicago last year, he was walking a LOT more in Charlotte. His power obviously plays and if he can walk at a 9-10% rate, he's a potent offensive player. We'll see what they end up doing with him, but he'll be in Chicago at some point this summer, I'd bet on it.

I am not a math wizz, but I read articles written by a lot of people who are. Oddly enough, our good friend Rico Bosco sent this article to me at about 3am last night:

Zerillo's updated 2020 win totals, division/World Series odds in 60 game season

It's an awesome breakdown of different publications and how they see the shortened season going down. The TL/DR is that ZIPS says the White Sox have a 18.3% better chance of making the playoffs in this format than in a 162 standard season. The added depth of Kopech, Dunning, Rodon, Stiever, Crochet, etc. is massive for playoff implications. That, and you nailed it with their schedule. 30 games against those dog shit squads is a lot. We should expect 20 wins out of those 30 games and that's the minimum.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 9.40.47 AM.png


The short answer to your question is yes; the long answer is Madrigal will have to be active for 61 of 66 days in order to accrue a full service year. I think he'll be the starting 2B pretty quickly into the year, but I do think they'll hold him down for the service time. At this juncture I don't think there's a big enough gap in productivity as players between him and Leury to justify waiting 5 days before "calling him up". I'd say he'll start ~30 games for them though. He's too fundamentally sound to not be a contributor and in a good way.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 9.32.12 AM.png

No, he's not. He's full bore. He got a few innings and looked sharp in spring while also deploying a new arm action that I REALLY liked. He looked similar to Giolito with the catcher/QB-like short arm motion. That will help with command. I expect him to get high leverage innings this year.
He's going to be a monster eventually but he's also going to show spurts where he's totally exposed. He has trouble laying off the outside breaking pitch still and he will be force fed that pitch. I wouldn't be shocked if he went bat shit from the moment he first steps foot in the box at Sox Park but I wouldn't be surprised if there are growing pains either. Just be patient with him - he'll be a freak show and 29 other teams will be jealous as fuck they didn't drop the coin to sign him.


Kopech yes, Madrigal no, Vaughn maybe. Vaughn shouldn't be needed but if he is, he's good enough to hold his own at the big league level as we speak. Kopech is a weird situation because he already started his clock. I think he'll be pitching from day 1. I wish they'd take the training wheels off and just let him fly because he's only going to throw like... 60IP tops in the 60 games, but I doubt they do that. But I truly think he could be the biggest star in the rotation and that rotation already has Giolito who blossomed last year and is expecting an even bigger 2020 out of himself. I love the depth the White Sox have developed and in this wonky year, it's going to come in handy BIG time. 

I cannot wait to unleash this team on everyone. FUCK YOU Marty Mush. You better pray to L Ron that the White Sox aren't the ones who ruin your season because you'll never ever hear the end of it from me and the rest of White Sox twitter. You've been warned bub

PS - worst title in the history of barstool sports, it's so bad I'm leaving it though