DeAndre Jordan Is The Latest Net To Skip Orlando After He And Spencer Dinwiddie Test Positive For Coronavirus

The hits just keep on coming for the Nets and their fans eh? First there were those Twitter rumors where #sources had both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant coming back for the playoffs. Despite their underachieving season none of that mattered if they were going to have their two best players for a title run. Instantly they became a dangerous threat. Then Durant came out and declared that he was not coming back and never considered coming back. Rough look for those internet #sources. Kyrie then realizing Durant wouldn't be back quickly shut things down, got banned from Orlando and caused some typical Kyrie chaos. Nets fans went from dreaming about a title to having to spinzone all the crazy shit Kyrie was saying. I know that life and boy is it exhausting.

Well now with DeAndre Jordan officially sitting things are getting thinner and thinner for this BKN team. The good new is it does sound like Dinwiddie is actually going to play

(Elite level dig at Woj in that response)

so it's basically what, him combined with Joe Harris and Jarrett Allen combined with whatever replacement player they can sign? That can't be how Nets fans envisioned Year 1 of this experiment going. I hate to say it but I don't think this is a team that is going to hold onto their 7 seed which means a date with the Bucks in the first round is on the horizon. Maybe that might be best, a quick and painless elimination from the bubble so they can close the book on what I would consider a pretty disastrous season.

The Nets have been hit the hardest so far with this whole potential restart, with Kyrie/Durant out, Garrett Temple out, Nicolas Claxton out, and not Jordan. The good news is this just means Caris LeVert will be able to take all the shots he wants and people forget he was actually pretty great in last year's postseason


But there's no denying that the talent the Nets are going to be without in Orlando is pretty substantial, and they are a combined 1-4 against MIL/TOR this season so things don't look all that great at the moment.