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Wake Up With The Dominance Of Shaq & Penny

Has it been 27 years already? My word that feels like another lifetime ago when the Warriors drafted Penny and then traded him and three first round picks to the Magic for Chris Webber. The 90s were pretty much dominated in the East by the Bulls, but history will not forget those dominant Magic teams from like 1993-1996. The reason they were so good? They had one of the best duos in NBA history

Shaq & Penny were studs pretty much from the second they paired up together. I feel like it's been so long and since his career was boned by injuries younger stoolies might not realize how fucking good Penny Hardaway used to be. The was the next guy. The next chosen one. By his second year he and Shaq were both averaging over 20, and unforutnately they just ran into Hakeem in the 1994-95 Finals or they probably have a ring. They took down Jordan for crying out loud! 

Not only that, but those 90s Magic jerseys were white hot fire flames. One of the greatest jerseys in NBA history in my opinion. Those 90s Magic teams were so fun to watch and one of the biggest "what ifs" we've ever had. They lasted just three seasons together, Shaq was a Laker by 1996, Penny's injuries started and the rest was history. But when they were both right? Absolutely dominant.