Wake Up With Jennie Finch Facing Albert Pujols

I was absolutely terrified the entire time I watched this video. How and why is Jennie Finch not wearing a mask or anything else while facing, you know, one of the best hitters ever? I do like how she gave Pujols some sweet chin music to start off, shows that she's the boss. But after that, she went right at him. Albert had absolutely 0 chance of catching up to Finch's rise ball, but holy shit was I afraid he would make contact and obliterate her. He looked useless in the box, and that's lucky for Jennie. She had 0 time to react IF Albert made contact. Maybe she didn't wear a mask or anything because she knew there was 0 chance of him making good contact back up the middle. IDK man, I'm still nervous even after I watched it. I wonder how long it would take Albert or any other MLB players to just make contact with her, not hit it, but just make contact. Jennie Finch the GOAT.