Get Your Money In On The Blackhawks Now Because EVERYONE Is Starting To Pick Them

I feel like every single day there is a new person out there picking the Blackhawks to beat Edmonton. Analytics people, analysts, all sorts "experts" out there drooling over this 12-5 matchup. Right now you can get on the Hawks +140, but that is going to change if people keep pointing out facts like Rupper and Johnson did here. This is the best argument yet. The Blackhawks need to do one thing to win this series...stay out of the box. The Oilers are gangsters on the PP. Like all-time great. So good that it masked a lot of their deficiencies in other areas like, defense, depth, and goaltending. The Oilers are like that dude who was so good looking growing up that he never had to develop a personality and now that he's a grown adult everyone kind of hates his guts and he is a middle manager at some dumb medical device sales company. What kind of person are the Hawks in this analogy? Probably the road warrior who has been there for 20 years, but had his career derailed by airport food, a gambling addiction, and too many nights drinking at hotel bars. That guy though...people still love him. He's got stories, he's got experience, and if you squint hard enough you can still see greatness there. People want to see the Hawks win this series. They're starving for the comeback story. To see that glory again in the post-season. Nobody delivers like Toews, Kane, and Keith. 

You know who else believes in the Hawks...Hawks fans

You might think that of course Hawks fans believe in the Hawks, but that hasn't been the case in recent years. People have been calling for a blow up of the franchise. To tank. To trade Toews, Kane, and Keith. So now, the fact that all the Hawks have to do in order to get a legit chance at the #1 is lose some bullshit best of 5 to Connor McDavid and almost 70% Hawks fans are saying 

That's a big win. That's a message from the fans. They love this core. They want to win. They'd rather roll the dice on this core right now they have a shot at Lafreniere. I love it. I am ready. The Hawks bandwagon is loaded up like the old days and I can't wait to drive it in a month. 

PS: Regardless of what happens, fire Stan, fire Colliton, bring in Gerrard Gallant.