Dude Goes Around Reviewing All The Best Bathrooms In The Philadelphia Area

An uncomfortable shit can throw a wrench into your entire day. Everything could be going perfectly, but all of a sudden that Chicken Queso Burrito from Qdoba decides it wants out and you’re stuck on the go. That impending shit has the capability of completely wrecking all the good times you ever thought you were going to have. The struggle is most certainly real.

Unfortunately, I’m someone who has a pretty difficult time shitting in foreign places. I like to have home ice advantage when I’m dropping a deuce. Like to to able to camp out in there, bring my phone and just post up checking in on what’s going on in the world. When you’re taking a shit , you end up checking forms of social media that you don’t remember even signing up for. I don’t even know what FourSquare really is, but I’ll check it while I’m on the john because I like to take my good ol’ time. You can’t really do that in many places that aren’t your home arena. There’s also the toilet paper dilemma. Unless you’re awkwardlolguy, I’m gonna assume your asshole is pretty sacred to you. So you can’t just be disrespecting it with any roll of sandpaper that’s available at the majority of bathrooms. You treat yourself to only the finest. So great on this guy for getting out there and giving the people the essential information that we need.