Guy Loses With Aces vs Aces In What People Are Calling The Worst Bad Beat Ever Because It Was In a 1 Million Dollar Buy In Tournament


Remember 10 years ago when you and your buddies were flipping channels in the summer and stumbled upon Chris Moneymaker, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Negreanu playing poker on ESPN and were captivated? Well that started what is known as the “poker boom” where everyone and their mother needed to play poker. Everyone was playing home games and figuring out how to steal their parent’s credit card to lose money online with on Party Poker. Flashforward 10 years later, a bunch of those kids got really good at poker, and the game has gotten big enough that they just held the 2nd ever million dollar buy in tournament at the World Series of Poker. If you recall, Maryland’s own Greg Merson played it.

On to the hand, yea, it’s a pretty shitty beat. Preflop you’re going to lose 2% of the time, or 1/50 times. After the two hearts on the flop, he’s going to lose 5% of the time, or 1/20 times. The good news for Connor Drinan though is he got into the 1 million dollar tournament for 25k. He not only won a satellite into it, but then he also sold pieces of himself for it, so he actually still made a bunch of profit off losing Aces to Aces. Which isn’t too shabby at all. Plus, he’s won millions upon millions online, it’s not like he was a trucker who put his last 10k on the table to play the main event and lost aces to aces. So, worst bad beat of all time? Nah. Just bad luck.