Jon Heyman Is Very Mad Online MLB Is Calling Its Summer Training Period 'Summer Camp'

He's done it again, folks. Jon Heyman has taken something seemingly nobody could possibly have a problem with and gotten mad online over it in an effort to make it all about himself.

With teams returning to what we would normally refer to as Spring Training in July, MLB decided to go with the term Summer Camp, even capitalizing on every marketing dollar it could and getting the thing sponsored by Camping World.

It's camp in the summer. It makes sense. I can't imagine anybody being upset enough to spill ink about this to more than 600,000 followers.

But yet, Heyman needs you to know how terrible it is that Major League Baseball could be so flippant as to use the term "Summer Camp" to refer to players going to camp in the summer. I would like to take a poll of the players he claims to be sticking up for to see just how many are offended by the name — my guess is you couldn't find even one, but that's why the experiment needs to be conducted.

And does Heyman's tweet not do the precise inverse of what he claims to want? There are actual, terrible things going on in the world and Jonny Boy is worried about what MLB is calling teams playing catch and doing sliding drills for three weeks. That's what seems flippant to me.

As always, Jon Heyman sucks.