Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross Have Both Opted Out Of The Upcoming Season


And so it begins. It was bound to happen, guys with families, injury issues, health concerns, or just too much money were eventually going to take their right to opt out of the upcoming season, and today Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross did just that. Zim I think we saw coming as he has a new baby and a high-risk mother.



Joe Ross is out of left field though. I'm sure he has a legitimate reason though, as pitching well in this shortened year would have helped his future earnings a ton, so it's a big decision to opt out.

It's likely going to happen on every team for a wide variety of reasons. Some guys just don't see it being worth the risk and for guys with sick parents or new families, they want to take every precaution they can, and I don't blame them.

Zim and Ross won't be the last players to opt out, that's for sure.