The Balding Old Guy With The Giant Glove At Marlins Park Is As Hard As It Gets


Jadakiss is now second in the pecking order when it comes to being as hard as it gets. Old guy with the ring around his head with the giant glove now takes the crown. Think about this guy. He’s not just an adult bringing a glove to a baseball game, which alone is preposterous, he owns and brought a giant glove to a baseball game. And not just any game, even more cuckoo is bringing it to a Marlins game. A place where foul balls land and there’s literally nobody within 20 rows of the ball. You could grind up his giant glove and make new gloves for everyone else in attendance. The loudest noise you hear at a Marlins game are groans when someone’s girlfriend asks her boyfriend to go collect her a foul ball. Do it yourself bitch, I’m at a baseball game, not here to do cardio. And hey, maybe there’s a chance giant, caricature sized gloves keep the bitches wet and we’re all fools. So you do you old guy, you do you.


h/t @recordsANDradio