Top of the Tree Goofin! Fella Wants To Dive In But Ends Up Getting Took Out

I gotta be honest; I don’t know if this headline makes sense but it felt good coming off the ole fingers, much unlike this dude’s back and ribs off the water.

If I know one thing from my pal and longtime stoolie Winnie the Pooh, brick by brick Pooh, it’s that you don’t meander to the top of the canopy in search of honey OR thrills.

Both are delicious but, if you go to the top of the trees in search for the soul’s thrilling honey, you might end up getting smackeral’d by the creek bed. Oh bother, indeed. 

Safety is paramount, Piglet. Even Tee Eye Double Gee Double Gurr knows that. Hundred Acre Woods goofin.

Side note: are we working today? Am I at work?