A Man Got Arrested For Living His Best Life And Swimming In The Aquarium Of A Bass Pro Shop

KTAL- A man that was caught on video swimming in the indoor aquarium at Bass Pro Shop in Bossier City earlier this week has been identified and arrested by police. According to the Bossier City Police Department, 26-year-old Kevin Wise of Slidell is charged with simple criminal damage to property, which is a misdemeanor.

BCPD says Wise returned to the store and was subsequently arrested by citation and released on a summons to appear in court. A complaint was filed Friday morning to Bossier City police after Bass Pro Shop determined that there would be costs associated with emptying and cleaning the 13,000-gallon aquarium, which features species of fish local to the region.

I'm not sure if this falls in the category of Barstool Outdoors, Barstool Indoors, or this mamaluke is a pioneer by creating a new hybrid Barstool #franchise. However, while I will give him an A for effort, he gets an F in execution.  

If you wanna canoodle with a big mouth bass in the middle of what is essentially a gigantic toy store for outdoorsmen outdoorspeople, I say go for it. It's something everybody that has ever been to a Bass Pro Shop or aquarium has at least thought about. Between the mask fights and overall weirdness of this covid age we live in, sneaking in a quick lap in an open aquarium shouldn't be all that tough. As a wise punk kid once said:

That being said, diving into that tank fully clothed is such a rookie move. Anybody who has ever walked a foot with wet socks and shoes knows how miserable that existence is. To willfully do that for the Gram, the Tik Tok, or whatever stupid ass apps are hot in the streets these days is inexcusable. If you are going to do a prank like this, do it right like an adult or don't do it at all. Running soaking wet while fully clothed in child's play.

Speaking of Barstool Outdoors, make sure to subscribe to the YouTube page since YP has officially taken it to the next level going from the quiet kids that brought a marsupial to HQ2 to a guy catching fucking dinosaurs.

Blogger's Note: On last week's episode of No Quitters (download/subscribe/rate 5 stars) I said I would use the word 'canoodle' in a blog on Thursday but forgot all about it until just now. Consider this blog me making good on my promise a little bit late along with this video of the old McDonald's Filet-O-Fish song as my penance.