You Do Not Love Anything As Much As This Spurs Fan Loves Manu Ginobili

That's love right there folks. You have to understand that the amount of love that Spurs fans have for Manu is unlike any other. I'm willing to bet that this young lady's reaction when talking about Manu would be the exact same even if she wasn't coming back down to earth after having her wisdom teeth taken out or whatever. You do something like this for a franchise

and you become a level of legend that many can only dream of. Manu retired in August of 2018 but it's pretty clear the wound is still fresh. A little unfair to take the dig at him going bald, but of course Manu took it in stride and continued being the best

Aside from this cute interaction, what this video did for me was make me thankful that my parents didn't understand the internet or even really have a phone with a camera when I got my wisdom teeth out in high school. It was like 2003 or some shit and I'm not even sure the Internet 1.0 was really rocking yet. The hottest phone in the streets at the time was the Kyocera Slider. Remember this thing?


Incredible phone/technology for the times. I'm thankful I didn't have to be put on camera and then blasted out to the internet while still being extremely fucked up on anesthesia. Nowadays if you have any type of surgery parents are quick with the trigger to put you on blast for the enjoyment of strangers. All I was worried about with my wisdom teeth was not getting dry sockets. A much simpler time for sure.

However, some of the best videos on the internet are these post surgery car rides, so it's a tough spot. How could we forget David after he went to the dentist?


Kid is a goddamn legend.