The Patriot (FULL MOVIE)

We talked about The Patriot on Barstool Chicago radio last week and all agreed this is a great 4th of July movie even if it's factually inaccurate and kind of bizarrely personal when talking about an armed-conflict that changed the world. Nevertheless, great movie and a great rack from Aunt Charlotte throughout. One of my first DVD's ever owned and one that got a lot of playing time. 

Also - the scene where Mel Gibson slaughters an entire platoon of British soldiers is some next level shit for its time. This was right around when Gladiator and Jason Bourne came out, which initially introduced me to the concept of one man being able to take down 5-6 adversaries in a single breath. Well here's Mel Gibson throwing literal tomahawks through people's skulls and rescuing his family in the process. As they said at the time, Hell Hath No Fury Like Any Mel Gibson Character Seeking Vengeance. 

I hope you guys enjoy. Like I said this morning, huge week for America at Barstool Chicago. If you don't like the celebration, leave it. We got plenty of snap dragons and Red White & Blue streamers to go around anyways.