BACK-TO-BACK! Gus Duggerton Wins Second Straight BCS Title After Toledo Outlasts Texas

He did it! Gus Duggerton delivered to the city where this crazy journey began and has brought the Toledo Rockets the 2019 BCS National Championship. 

Toledo 28, Texas 25 is your final score from the Sugar Bowl this evening, and there is one player to thank for this result:

Bam. Bam. Calloway.


That's right, all four Toledo touchdowns tonight came courtesy of the man who nearly won the Heisman. But don't let this distract you from the fact that Coach Duggs made this game very interesting, very late.

After trading interceptions, that eventually led to Texas taking advantage of the Cade Shippley miscue...

And then with 19 seconds left, all Coach Duggs had to tell his players to do was set up in victory formation. The game was all but over, and it was time to celebrate in the Glass City.

Until QB1 made a ridiculous decision...

This gave the Longhorns a chance to potentially win the game. Three seconds left, a Hail Mary away from winning it all. But the Duggs D stepped up to lock in another ring.


You know what this means for America's Coach...


A perfect ending to a perfect season. Coach Duggs has won it all. And starting on Tuesday night, he will move on to a different school to begin the quest for the three-peat. We'll see you then.