The Documentary On 'The Decision' Was The Most Pointless Hour Of TV Ever And Somehow Worse Than The Actual 'Decision'

And just like that on back to back weeks, we watched a pointless documentary. Shit, it wasn't even a documentary. Much like 'Long Gone Summer' it was just a highlight package. Granted The Decision was on 'Backstory' and not 30 for 30, the point of the show was supposed to bring us everything from behind the idea and how the show happened. Instead we got Scott Raab (a local Cleveland writer) crying on TV. We got more Michael Wilbon. We didn't get anything that was promised, we didn't get anything new, fuck we didn't even get anything with anybody associated with The Decision! 

Here's my problem with it. Well, my biggest problem with it I should say. Here's what was said in the release about the show: 

New details revealed during Sunday's show include information regarding how and when the idea for "The Decision" first came to be, NBA Commissioner David Stern's pleas to cancel the show and how James -- who returned to Cleveland in 2014 and led the Cavs to an NBA title in 2016 -- prepared for the show.

We were going to get David Stern's pleas to cancel the show. That's something that would have been awesome to see. You know what happened instead? David Stern had ONE FUCKING LINE in the entire show. It was 30 seconds in and he said 'taking my talents to South Beach, what a stupid line.' THAT WAS IT. We didn't get anything with David Stern. Instead we got Don Van Natta (the guy doing the Backstory) spend 5 minutes talking about how it's 2020 and he had to do interviews via Zoom because of coronavirus and how he was living in Miami. No one fucking cares dude. 

I actually think there is a story here. The Decision was a shitshow of television but the way it happened is one of the most important things off the court. It changed how casual fans view players leaving teams. At the same time it showed how players, especially someone like LeBron, can take control and be in power. The way The Decision happened in terms of LeBron/Maverick Carter dictating all the details and forcing ESPN's hand is interesting. Instead we got nothing. 

The only new details was the fact that the idea of The Decision came from a 38-year old Pistons fan who wrote it to Simmons in a mailbag question

And it was just glossed over! They spent maybe 5 minutes tops talking about how Simmons pitched this and then Jim Gray said he pitched it. That should have been the majority of the show! How do you just fucking glance over that so you can instead show sitting down with Chris Broussard? 

I'm officially DONE with getting excited about documentaries now. They've been complete letdowns lately.