Bill Belichick Talking About Cam Newton Is All Patriots Fans Need To Hear Right Now

This was 2017, it wasn't a million years ago and it wasn't yesterday. Since this press conference Cam Newton has gone on to: have his best statistical passing season (2018) and miss nearly an entire season due to injury (2019). Somehow, Cam has become the first quarterback in the midst of his prime years to be completely written off because of injury. I don't understand it. Throughout this entire offseason I haven't understood it. Between the Carolina Panthers acting as if he was never a part of their franchise's history to multiple teams in desperate need of a quarterback looking elsewhere for considerably worse options. Maybe if there was no coronavirus and teams could actually bring him in and have their doctors look at him he'd have been signed much earlier than this. Maybe. Maybe he is actually broken. All I know is the last time he was healthy he was playing his best football purely from a passing standpoint. Then he got hurt, coincidentally in a preseason game against the Patriots, and couldn't make it past Week 2 of the 2019 season. 

If you never liked Cam you probably believe he's broken, washed up, cooked, never going to be good ever again mostly because he was never good in the first place. If that's your take, cool, all the best with that. I think I'm gonna ride with Belichick on this one and welcome Public Enemy #1 to New England with open arms.