Ray Rice Just Getting a Standing Ovation At Camp Today/The Ravens Website Thinks It's a Great Thing




Well that is just something else. Sports is an incredible, incredible very weird thing. I’m not even going to say this is “so Baltimore” or whatever. I think it’s way, wayyyy past that. It’s a sports thing. It’s the way we are brought up and making these guys out to be heroes. The people of Baltimore (for the most part) have been with everyone else on this issue that they think it was too lenient of a suspension. So why the standing ovation? I guess they think they are offering support to a guy who helped them win a Super Bowl. People see a guy for what he is on the field, not off. As long as he can help them win games, alls good. Happens on every team in every sport. Before he beat the shit out of his wife, it was hard to go 1 block in Baltimore without bumping into someone in a Ray Rice jersey. He in a way took the crown from Ray Lewis at the Ravens fan-favorite. But you shouldn’t give a standing ovation to a guy who did that. He’s still a person, not just a football player, and we do a really bad job of separating the two.

Now my real question and maybe the bigger issue here is how in the wide world of fuck did the Ravens think it was a good idea to promote the fact their fans gave him a standing ovation? Do they have any idea how bad that looks? Do they have the slightest clue that the conversation for the last 5 days has been how horrifically this entire situation has been handled?

Remember what their Twitter tweeted right after the press conference?




And then the NFL patted themselves on the back in a statement they released supporting only giving him 2 games. And to my knowledge, no discipline from the Ravens at all, but on the contrary, coach Harbaugh said he stands behind Ray Rice. It’s all very strange.
I don’t know. I’m not going to get too deep here, but it’s very strange the way people handle domestic violence. Chris Brown is at every awards show and has smash hit after smash hit. His career barely hiccuped. Ray Rice got a 2 game suspension and a standing ovation after nearly punching his wife’s head to Jupiter. The Ravens are promoting that he got a standing ovation, and the NFL is congratulating themselves for a job well done on how they handled the all thing. I feel like we are living in bizarro world.