If Drinking And Watching Cars Drive Around A Roundabout On A Jumbotron Isn't The Most Indiana Thing, What Is?

As a fellow Hoosier, I go to bed every night and say to myself "I've seen it all" and wake up every morning completely wrong. From grown men wearing cargo/athletic shorts in 40 degree weather, to kids wearing Nike elite socks with sandals, we can now add watching people drive around roundabouts to the list of things you can only find in the great state of Indiana. 

I saw this on my friend's snapchat and thought there was a Mario Kart tournament going on! Nope. Just some citizens having a drink, enjoying the beautiful weather, and watching random cars drive around 4 different roundabouts. All right outside of Sun King Brewery in Carmel, home of the rich, the snotty, and the hottest Mom's on planet earth. God I love Carmel moms. 

I dropped my jaw when my friend told me this marathon was going on for 2 hours. If I would've known this was happening, I'd cancel my plans of going downtown and just "round" up my buddies to watch some cars go in a circle for the rest of the evening. I truly have no idea if other states in the midwest have roundabouts, but what I do know is we Hoosiers hate the Patriots as much as the stop signs. To quote the bumper sticker that was on the spaceship from Spaceballs, "We brake for nobody". What a great movie.