Hot Seat: This Young Skateboarding Teenager With A Tiny Dick Who Peed On Joe Ingles' Driveway

Live look at that teenager once that tweet came across his timeline

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Now I imagine there was a small chance (no pun intended but intended) that this kid knew that was Joe Ingles' house. Teenagers are just assholes like that and after shredding up the cul de sac he had to take a piss. Who among us hasn't had to take a piss at a less than ideal time. Sometimes you gotta go. At least that's what I hope is what happened. If this dude knew that was Ingles' house and was intentionally being an asshole, well then he deserves anything he gets, which who knows maybe Ingles takes up Evan Turner's suggestion

This is the thing with life in 2020. You're always on camera. Especially in a neighborhood like Ingles' which I imagine is pretty fancy. If you're going to piss on someone's driveway/garden you have to know that there's probably a 99.9% chance you're getting caught on their security camera. That's just piss poor hooliganism if you ask me. How are you going to be a teenager and forget about technology? Brutal.

The reponse from Ingles is perfect too and why his Twitter is one of the best NBA follows. There was no need for that little subtle dig but it was executed to perfection. That's how you strike the fear of god into this kid. I highly doubt you can file trespassing charges or whatever so instead you come at the one thing that every teenage boy cares about. I bet you can't even see anything on the security footage but you bet your ass that kid is sweating right now. Maybe he thought he was being cool and was showing off to all his skater buddies about how badass he was so he pissed on Joe Ingles' flowers. Well now he's going to have to come up with a story about how he had recently jumped in a pool or something.

So let this be a lesson to anyone else who might one day consider peeing on Joe Ingles' lawn. Do it at your own risk because the next thing you know your pecker is getting blasted on the internet for millions to see. Joe Ingles gives no fucks, while also being pretty good at basketball