Key to the City? Gus Duggerton Aims for Second Consecutive BCS Title Tonight As Toledo Faces Texas

The time has come. Gus Duggerton is set to play in his third straight BCS Title Game tonight, and America's Coach has his eyes set on his second crystal ball.

Tonight, Coach Duggs and the Toledo Rockets take on the Texas Longhorns in the 2019 BCS National Championship. You know what that means... HORNS. DOWN.

While Coach Duggs may be playing for a trophy tonight, something else is on the line that we have never seen before in the Duggs era. If the Rockets can beat the Longhorns this evening, Gus Duggerton earns a key to the City of Toledo, OH.

So much on the line. So much football to be played. And at 8:47 PM ET, it's the Season VII finale of Gus Duggerton and the Toledo Rockets.

By the way, we get right into Season VIII after the Natty. That's right, the Coaching Carousel takes place following tonight's contest at the Sugar Bowl. Coach Duggs is already on the record saying that he will be leaving Toledo no matter what.

Is tonight the night the Wisconsin job FINALLY opens? Will a mystery team emerge into the mix? Join us this evening. 8:47 PM ET. Positive vibes only in the chat.