Liverpool Might Be Banned From Playing Home Games The Rest Of The Season Because Its Fans Won't Stop Partying In The Streets

Quick question - do you think Liverpool fans give a shit if the team can't play 3 games at home to close the year? They already won the title. It's not like fans can show up to games. That's really going to stop them from partying in the streets? You're talking about ending a 30-year streak, of course they are going to party, coronavirus be damned. Look at the celebrations! 

Call me crazy, but pretty sure you're not stopping this group of people from partying. Again, the title is locked up! It's one of the things I kinda hate about the Premier League. Yes, I understand there's Champions League and all that, but it still feels weird when the season is over with 7ish matches left. Like yeah teams are playing for the top-4 or Europa League, but the Premier League is done. 

This has to be the fakest 'severe' punishment ever though right? No one actually gives a shit if Liverpool doesn't get 3 home games. It's not costing them anything besides that the players have to travel. The only way I'd care about this if it hurts Tottenham. Don't think it's enough to calm down partying a title win though.