Hold Up, The Reason 'The Decision' Happened Was Because A Pistons Fan Submitted The Idea As A Mailbag Question

[Source] - Until Friday night, the identity of 38-year-old Drew Wagner as the person who pitched the idea wasn't known to anyone but his wife, Jennifer, and his circle of friends. As they listened to multiple national radio shows Friday previewing a new Backstory episode on The Decision, which debuts at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on ESPN, they learned that Simmons pitched the "Drew from Columbus, Ohio" mailbag column idea to James' inner circle and ESPN executives in February 2010. On Friday, Wagner's friends began chattering on Twitter about their friend's influence.

I got a couple things to discuss here. First, I want to believe Drew came up with this idea of 'The Decision' because he wanted to troll Cavs fans. Everyone pretty much knew LeBron was going to leave Cleveland it was just was he going to Miami, Chicago, the Knicks, etc. Drew is a Pistons fan living in Ohio. That man has to hate the Cavs, he just has to, otherwise he's not a Pistons fan. 

Second, how the hell are you not telling anyone and everyone that you came up with The Decision? You're not catching any heat. Everyone hates ESPN and LeBron for it. Nobody hates 38-year old Drew from Columbus, Ohio. That'd be my lead story to people. You wouldn't hear the end of it. 'Hey remember the biggest TV event in the NBA that sort of shifted how people view the league? Yeah, that was me.' 

I'm interested in this Backstory documentary tonight. It's supposed to shed light on how David Stern wanted this cancelled and more details like this. 

It's supposed to have new details and ideally won't be the typical bullshit where LeBron's people got some editorial control and skewed the story. Give us what really happened here. The Decision was an utter shitshow and one of the biggest moments in sports because of how it shifted how we view NBA players. We saw the power LeBron had by having this show, the backlash and determining he wanted to go play with his friends in Miami. 

Also, just please come back sports.