Oklahoma's Attorney General Sent A Letter To Mark Emmert Blasting Him And The NCAA For Being Idiots On How They Punished Oklahoma State Hoops

I'm not one for politics, but I am one for this. There have been a bunch of stories obviously on how politicians are getting involved trying to pass NIL bills. But this? This is something I can get even more behind. You know why? Because the NCAA fucked up - shocking, I know. 

What they did to Oklahoma State - a postseason ban, reduction of scholarships, probation, among other penalties makes absolutely zero sense. They are being punished due to the FBI investigation into college hoops. But Oklahoma State is different than other programs. What happened with them was assistant coach Lamont Evans lined his own pockets to help try and direct a couple Oklahoma State players to financial managers. Oh and he gave $300 to Jeffrey Carroll, a player who was already playing at Oklahoma State. $300! Oh, not to mention Carroll was suspended 3 games for that. So where is the competitive advantage that Oklahoma State received here? 

Oklahoma State didn't do anything to benefit here. This was strictly a Lamont Evans situation. It's not a lack of institutional control because the investigation showed Brad Underwood (the coach at the time) had no idea Evans was doing this. So the NCAA can't even use that bullshit excuse. I get that you have to punish the school in certain cases, but here? You're punishing kids that were 14 or so when all this was going on and a staff that wasn't even there! 

So yeah, I'm very here for any person with any sort of power blasting the NCAA. They continue to fuck up things that aren't that difficult. Remember, Oklahoma State cooperated with the entire investigation yet didn't get a break. They got fucked.