Someone Just Won A $37k Bet On A Fight You Didn't Even Know Was Happening

Earlier today, I saw a tweet from noted dork Darren Rovell that claimed someone had placed a $37,000 bet (to win $20,000) on UFC Strawweight Kay Hansen to beat Jinh Yu Frey in one of tonight's early prelim bouts....

Giphy Images.

This took me by surprise, as I had no idea who either of these people were (they were both making their debut tonight), and was kinda stunned that anybody did - let alone had the confidence to place such a massive bet on a chick younger than me! 

It paid off, though, after a rough start, when Kay Hansen was able to sink in a slick armbar (like her hero Ronda Rousey) to secure victory in the third. She even just got a tweet from Ronda! Pretty awesome!


Imagine having that kinda cash tho? That '$37k on the prelims not even I know about' cash? That'd be wild.