Jenna Burkert Would Pin The Shit Out Of Covid 19 For A Chance At The 2020 Olympics

Being in the military can be tough. Being an Olympic wrestler is also tough. But being an Olympic wrestler and a soldier in the US Army?! Just fucking shoot me again because that seems easier. 

I got to talk to SGT Jenna Burkert who is both of those things and it was awesome listening to her talk about the Army World Class Athlete Program. Can you believe she actually tried to lay low in basic training and fly under the radar? Like the Drill Sergeants wouldn't notice that she just never gets tired and can do more pushups than anybody on the base. Get the fuck outta here. She also invited me to Siberia for a major wrestling tournament and Dave has no choice but to send me. It's about time we get Barstool Siberia going. Watch the entire interview from our YouTube channel.