Cameron Champ Says He's Tested Negative Three Times Since Withdrawing From The Travelers Championship After Testing Positive

Hmmmmmm that seems not good? Well hold on. Lemme rephrase that, it's very good that Cameron Champ doesn't actually have the coronavirus. At the end of the day, that's really the most important part. Champ has been tested three times since testing positive and withdrawing from the Travelers and has tested negative each time. But it does present another hurdle in an already hurdle-filled situation where the PGA Tour is trying to come back amidst a global pandemic. How reliable are the tests in the PGA Tour bubble? My guess is they're extremely liable but a false positive is going to happen every once in awhile. Avoiding it is impossible. Obviously a false positive is better than a false negative but it'd be ideal if there weren't false outcomes whatsoever. Honestly, this whole thing just sucks. Fuck coronavirus.

Shoutout to Cameron Champ for taking it all like a (no pun) champ. I feel like other guys wouldn't have such a positive attitude if they were forced to withdraw from an event due to a false positive test. Playing on the PGA Tour is how these guys make their money and it's a pretty big bummer to make a guy withdraw from a tournament and therefore miss an opportunity when there wasn't actually anything wrong with him. But like I said, Cameron Champ is looking on the bright side and it sounds like he'll be back playing golf very soon. The bottomline is nobody has all the answers. The PGA Tour is doing their best and learning on the fly when it comes to how to best move forward in a COVID world and that's all we can really ask for.