Gerrit Cole and Max Scherzer Will Face Off In The Nation's Capital On July 23rd To Begin The 2020 MLB Season

The current plan in to launch the regular season on July 23, but not with a full slate of games. The highlight of the day will be the Yankees at Nationals Park against the defending champs, likely in prime time, The Post has learned. If it all goes well, then opening day for major league baseball this year will feature Max Scherzer vs. Gerrit Cole in the nation’s capital.

Bare with me for a minute here while I pretend baseball can actually dodge coronavirus for the next month and get the season going. Let me be happy one time. If everything holds the plan is for Major League Baseball to open up the 2020 season in the nation's capital with Gerrit Cole and Max Scherzer going at it under the lights. It really doesn't take more for me to get fully erect than that. Who needs viagra when I can just picture these two throwing fireballs every half inning. 





PLEASE let this happen. I don't ask for much, but just give me this. Who knows how long each guy would go for given the abbreviated second Spring Training coming up, but I'll take what I can get. Cole has been throwing all quarantine with Ottavino in Connecticut in front of Boone's watchful eye so he's definitely got a decent build up going right now.  We just interviewed the Yankees bullpen catcher Radley Haddad who has been driving up there to catch the two guys. Pretty interesting fella with an awesome job and a great story. You can listen to that here:  iTunes Spotify Barstool site

Less than a month and we've got baseball in Washington D.C. with Gerrit Cole getting the ball against Mad Max. Fast forward me to July 23rd please. Nothing else matters. 

Pardon me while I watch Aaron Judge take Scherzer to Jupiter as I end the blog.