This Dog Is Smarter Than Your Dog And Every Other Dog In The World For That Matter

This is gonna be difficult for you to hear, but your dog isn't the smartest dog in the world. Many dog owners think their dog is the smartest dog in the world. It's not unlike parents thinking their kids are the smartest kids in the world. Well those people are just as stupid as their stupid kids. What are the actual percentage chances that your kids fall in the category of smart? It's laughably low just like the IQ of your stupid kids. The fact of the matter is that most people in the world are stupid so chances are, if you have kids, they're stupid. That's just math.

Anyway. It turns out your dog isn't even fucking CLOSE to the smartest dog in the world. Oh, your dog can sit on command when you wave a strip of cooked pig in its face? That's cool. Can your dog take it upon itself to open its kennel door, find the nearest fan, know how an oscillating fan works, point the fan in the direction of where their kennel is, get back into the kennel and then close the kennel door when it's too hot? All while giving occasional Jim Halpert looks to the camera? DIDN"T THINK SO. Your dog is goddamn moron compared to that genius dog.

By the way, why aren't more people talking about that video? I get that there's a lot of other things happening out there right now but more people should be talking about the video of the smartest dog in the world.