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Karen Has A Breathing Problem, Alright?

A couple things here. For starters, this is the worst video upload I've ever seen. Just make it one video, man. Four videos ranging from three to 15 seconds? That's chaos. This is a society, for crying out loud. Clean it up. Secondly, the best way I've found to spot someone with a breathing problem is to watch them shout loudly for a period of time. If you've ever seen someone with a breathing problem they're usually shouting, limbs flailing while slamming things around. This is mostly due to the excess amounts of energy from the complete lack of oxygen in their bloodstream. That's how breathing problems tend to work from what I've noticed during my tenured medical career. It's the same reason pro athletes used to smoke cigarettes during games. Why that stopped I'll never understand. Probably a direct correlation to the rise of vegans in this country if I had to put a silver dollar on it. Oh well. 

And while I don't have any beef with Trader Joe's, I think we can all agree that it is impossible to enforce any type of rules dressed up like you're tailgating a Jimmy Buffett concert. I wouldn't take someone telling me to leave looking like the toucan handler at the zoo seriously, either. Trader Joe's needs at least one guy wearing like, I don't know, legitimately anything else to handle any and all situations that require even a hint of seriousness that may stumble their way.