Meet The Herschel Walker Of The EPL. The Most Ripped Guy In The League Has Never Lifted A Weight

Truthfully I first found out about this guy a couple months ago. My brother lives in England right now and when I started playing FIFA he called me a pussy for using Man City as my team. He told me to use Wolves because they have this one dude who was insanely fast. I couldn't figure out how to be good with them because I suck at the game and forgot about the name Traore until this morning when this beast appeared on my screen. Apparently the soccer world is very familiar with this guy

Then came the most shocking revelation...this dude doesn't even lift and he looks like this

(Goal Magazine)--From Traore's Hulk-like muscles, you would think that he spends every waking moment away from the football pitch in the gym, lifting weights.

In reality, though, Traore has admitted a surprising fact: he does not lift weights. In fact, he has never lifted a weight in his life.

"No, I haven't lifted a single weight. I know people won't believe it, but it's true," he told Marca.

Just like me…he doesn't lift weights. Our bodies are a little different. Traore is just a god damn freak of nature. A whole different, elevated, class of human being. At least, by knowing about him, we can finally have an answer to the question about what would happen if America had all of our best athletes playing soccer instead of other sports. We'd have a bunch Adama Traores running roughshod over the entire world. He is Saquon Barkley, basically same age, similar legs, just born in Spain instead of New York.