Which Quentin Tarantino Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

This might be the hardest one of these I have made yet. Column A has 3 classics of film history. Column B has 3 of the best movies made in the last 10+ years. And Column C has 'True Romance'! Just kidding I love 'Jackie Brown'. Here's my picks:

A: Reservoir Dogs. I only say this because Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction have slightly more rewatch value in my opinion. 

B: OUATIH. Again, this comes down to rewatch value. OUATIH is an awesome movie with incredible movie with outstanding performances from Leo and Brad, but man is that motherfucker LONG. Inglorious has one of the greatest openings I've ever seen, and Django is just so fucking entertaining/well written. 

C: The Hateful 8: I liked a lot about that movie, but I just can easily erase it in a way I can't image with True Romance and Jackie Brown. 

I hate myself for making this and for even choosing any of these. Sound off in the damn comments, folks.