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Doing Good In Hollywood: 3-Time Cancer Survivor Gets A Hell of A Surprise

Here's some positivity on a Friday heading into your weekend. 

My guy Brad Lambert is KING of doing some good in Hollywood, and damn do we need it now more than ever. He worked for Robert Downey Jr. for years and was able to set up Mateo Coka with an "Stark" internship, but my boy didn't stop there. 

See, Mateo is a 21-year-old 3 TIME cancer survivor. That's badass if I ever heard it. And Mateo is a big time Spiderman guy. Like so big that he said that's what kept bringing him joy and getting him through his chemo treatments. 

So not only did he get set up with his own "Stark" internship, but Brad also hooked him up with his surprise of a lifetime - getting to go to the world premiere of Spiderman Far From Home. 

Sometimes it's just good to see some good shit on the timeline. Kudos to Brad. I know Mateo had one kickass time.