Ovi Jr Already Has A Better Backhand Than 99.9% Of The League


Fucking filthy. With the NHL draft lottery tonight, it wouldn't shock me if a team tried to take Ovi Jr and claim some sort of loophole, like he'd be 18 in Russian lunar years or something. Because that is one of the filthiest backhands I've ever seen. You could put him on the 1st line of basically any team in the league right now and see an immediate improvement. A line of Ovi-Backstrom-Ovi Jr? Yes please. Sorry SCCTW you just got bumped, but I'm sure you understand. 

And you gotta give him credit on how he follows up his own shots. No show boating, no gloating. Crashes the net and makes sure he's getting his goals. Unbelievable strength and poise down low. Making things happen Crosby could only dream about. It's going to be a fun day when Ovi Jr passes Ovi Sr's all time goal record. Only a matter of time.