Must See Video: The Most Florida Couple Ever Holds Up Beach Traffic Rolling Side-by-Side on Power Scooters

9 News - An elderly couple have held up traffic heading to the beach in Florida by riding their electric scooters down the highway.

The pair were riding alongside each other with American flags prominently displayed on the unusual mode of transport.

They led a long line of cars crossing a bridge heading towards the beach in Navarre, Florida.

People are not required to have a licence to drive a scooter in the state and are not allowed to drive on footpaths.

This is my new Couples Goal.

I don't ask for much out of life. All I want is to grow old with my timeless Irish Rose and have enough money that we can give as few fucks as this loving couple. Knowing you are in life's Great 9th Inning, you have outlived all the actuarial tables, you're on a fixed income that is more than you need and you don't have to care a tinker's damn about anyone else but yourselves is a pure freedom that few of us ever get to enjoy. 

There's just something about knowing you're standing in your own grave that makes you not only invulnerable, but gives you immunity from prosecution. It's like having an IronMan suit and being a diplomat at the same time. You get to ride those handifat scooters around WalMart like the bread aisle is "Fury Road." You get to skip to the front of the line at Disney while the families with exhausted, hysterical, sweaty toddlers on their shoulders bake in the sun. And you get to go full Easy Rider over a miles long, two-lane bridge so you can make the Early Bird at the Waffle House, the tourists be damned. Because even if the worst should happen and someone runs you off the road, what's that really going to cost you? A couple of months of getting really sick and dying? That's the Old Florida equivalent of going out in a blaze of glory like Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda. 

But I'd be remiss if I didn't start a slow clap for the guy doing the narration. The video alone is funny enough just on its own. But the narration - totally improved as he went, because who could ever prepare for such an eventuality - truly sold it. Bravo to you, good sir. And mostly, bravo to you Old Bags. This is living the Florida Life in style.