The Pool Scene From Boogie Nights Takes Us Into The Weekend

One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies plunges us perfectly into Friday night and whatever summer plans you have this weekend. I've said it a few times recently, but whenever I get into a funk, this movie somehow picks me up out of it with the best combination of comedy and drama this side of Die Hard. 

Since every blog I write is written in the Trust Tree, I'll come clean to you guys that I almost always Fast Forward this masterpiece at some point in the 80s because I hate seeing all my pals hit a skid after Little Bill fired those big shots. I refuse to watch Mufasa die and Harry Stamper say goodbye to his daughter for the same reasons (I always watch the Jessie's Girl scene however).

Nonetheless, nothing beats the eternal hope, incredible soundtrack, amazing filmography, and cool ass vibes of that Boogie Nights pool scene that always has me wishing I grew up in California. Happy 50th birthday Paul Thomas Anderson and thank you for this peach of a film.