This Is Most Definitely The Face Of An Oklahoma Woman Who Called The Police To Complain That Her Meth Was Laced

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OK - The Enid Police Department received a different kind of call earlier this week. They tell, a 54-year-old woman called them claiming her meth was laced. Lynette Sampson wasn’t having medical issues due to the laced meth. Police say people just do really stupid things when they’re high on meth. When officers arrived at her home, she was more than happy to show them where all of her meth was located. In fact, she had multiple hidden locations. Sampson had no idea she was not only admitting to crimes, but was also giving officers a lot of evidence. Once the tour of Sampson’s home was over, officers took her into custody. She faces multiple drug counts.


Woman or misplaced duck? Either or, she has a sweet flow going on, so I’ll give her that. Maybe her meth was laced with some Vidal Sasoon? She’s been rinsing and repeating fo days, you know, in between the truckloads of meth and all that. Kinda unfortunate she got the one officer out to her house who didn’t sympathize that she was dealt a bad hand of meth. Where are our tax dollars going if we can’t even put in a claim about a bad batch of meth without getting locked up? No wonder people don’t trust the po-po anymore. They pretend to be your friend, you show them all your favorite meth hiding spots, and then they cuff you? Get lost, officer Buzzkillington. What the cop basically did was make you tell him all the never-fail plays in Madden and then use them against you. It’s just not right. Oh, the tight end is always going to be open on that play? Let me do it 100 straight times against you. Asshole.