Relatable Golf Content: Justin Thomas BEGGING For A Hole-In-One At The Travelers Championship

Justin Thomas straight up BEGGING on his hands and knees for that ball to go in the hole and I get it. JT is out there at the Travelers looking for any sort of spark to get him going. But not only did the ball not go in the hole for an ace but then he missed the birdie putt once he got up to the green. Tough scene. The part that makes it relatable is that it wasn't particularly close to going in the hole. It didn't hit the flagstick, it didn't lip out and it didn't even really scare the hole at any point but his reaction is all of our reactions any time we hit the green on a par 3. My ball could justtttttttt barely land on the edge of the green and I'm still begging for the ball to go in the hole. That's golf.