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The Bruins Announce They've Fired Peter Chiarelli

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RA is out at the moment so just gonna get a quick one up here to satiate you until Rear can get you the full breakdown. My first take is it’s one heck of a time to announce that he’s been fired. Was the Bruins front office just waiting to press publish on the “Pete is fired” tweet as soon as the Hernandez verdict was announced? Surprised Goodell didn’t think of that one and release the Deflategate report too. Only way to bury news better than releasing it on Friday at 6 is releasing it in the midst of a high profile murder verdict.



As for actually firing Chiarelli, had to happen. I’d defended him and Claude for most of the season and was willing to give them a bit of a pass, as goals are going to be tough to come by when your star center is out for a majority of the year. But once the collapse was complete it was clear that new people needed to grab the helm. A team of veterans should never look as disinterested as that squad did down the stretch. Which is why it surprises me that the coaching staff will be staying for the time being. If you’re going to clean house, you have to clean it all. I heard that the Bs and Ray Shero had shown each other mutual interest so maybe that’s been discussed and Shero wants to keep Claude on? That’s the only explanation I can think of. Because you can’t try to hire a new GM and tell him who his coach is going to be. That NEVER works. Claude plays a very specific style and if the GM doesn’t buy into that then there’s a less than zero percent chance the relationship is a happy one. But for now it’s just adios to Chiarelli. When you don’t draft well, trade a superstar for role players (though Loui rather quietly did have himself an excellent season), and hand out no trade clauses like they’re Halloween candy then you kind of seal your own fate.