Florida Friday: Woman Arrested After Calling 911 Four Times to Get a Ride

I would say I'm assuming jail is not where this woman was wanting to take a ride, but calling 911 four times for something so innocuous leads me to believe one almost has to subconsciously want to be arrested.

Sarah Alameh not only called 911 multiple times to "request a ride to another city," she then called back to complain about the officer who responded to her call and told her to quit calling 911.

WWLP — When officers arrived, they found Alameh in a hospital parking lot. She told them she had called and needed a ride.

The officer warned her that 911 is for emergency calls only and told her to leave the property unless she needed medical help. Alameh walked away and called 911 again to complain about the officer.

Officers told Alameh not to call 911 again unless she had an emergency, but she called a fourth time. She was then taken to the Polk County Jail and charged with one count of misuse of 911.

The fact it took that fourth call is unbelievable. You can call 911 for a third time to complain that a police officer didn't give you a ride somewhere and just get a warning? It takes a fourth call to finally get taken to the big house?

I guess it is Florida, after all.

Guys, don't call 911 if there isn't an emergency. Or if you are going to, make sure you don't do it more than once. But if you insist on doing it more than once, make sure you're in Florida and only do it a maximum of three times.