ESPN Trying To Say They Didn't Know LeBron Was Picking Miami On 'The Decision' Is Such A Crock Of Shit

Oh come on. This has to be the biggest crock of shit ever. You're telling me that LeBron and ESPN organized this whole Decision and Jim Gray didn't know that he was going to Miami? I have a feeling that LeBron couldn't keep that shit quiet plus Gray is actually a great journalist and would need to be prepared. I refuse to believe this story at all. 

This is all stemming from ESPN's 'Backstory' dropping on Sunday about The Decision: 

I'm actually fascinated to watch this as long as it's not a letdown like Long Gone Summer. I want them to really go into the new details of how David Stern hated this. I want them to actually talk to Jim Gray and have him being open about hosting it and if he hated and stories like this. I just refuse to believe that LeBron kept it all quiet. Remember Wade claimed he didn't know LeBron was picking Miami: 

The Decision is still one of the most fascinating disasters on TV. Everyone knew it was a mess. It was so poorly produced, everyone fucking hated it yet everyone watched. Either way, as the saying goes, ESPN Lies.