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San Francisco Giants Are Going To Turn Season Ticket Holders Into Cardboard Cutouts To Fill Stands

God bless the poor part-time sales rep who has to use this as a ploy to keep people from canceling their season tickets. "But sir, I can offer your cardboard cut out an even better seat than the one you usually have for the same price!" It's bad enough that they already have to live in an expensive ass city grinding it out for an opportunity to go full-time that will still probably have them working an extra side job on the weekends, but hey at least you work in sports! As some people like to put it.

I kinda feel bad for the Giants too if we're being honest. One moment you're the most dominant team in the 2010's with the most bad ass pitcher and then the next you're getting excited about cardboard fans/letting him walk to another divisional team. The mighty have fallen indeed.

P.S. - They better be getting some cardboard kayaks in McCovey Cove if they're going to do this though. Don't go half ass. I don't care if the fake kayaks sink in the 4th inning. Gotta go all the way.