Barstool Blast From The Past - KFC's Feud With The Blindos (July 2010) - Mailtime

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So a couple weeks ago Barstool Eddie came up to me at our March Madness party with this Blast From The Past idea. At this point the Stool has been around for over a decade. Legit tens of thousands of blogs have come and gone. And the major growth we’ve seen in the past couple years means there’s a treasure chest of classic blogs that the vast majority of new readers never read. Blogs that defined writers. Established cities. Posts that are woven into the fabric of Barstool history. So Eddie’s idea was to do some interview segments with the Barstool writers about all their best, classic blogs. Its a phenomenal idea because 1) The old school blogs are posts from the golden era of Barstool when everyone was still in their prime, and 2) it allows me to get credit and continue to ride the wave of shit I wrote years ago. Mailtime!

So for the first installment, we revisit my feud with the Blindos. Which somehow happened five years ago. If you’re an original Stoolie, this is a trip down memory lane. If you’re a new Stoolie, gather round for a good story. Here are the original blogs, give them a read before listening.

Be on the look out for more interviews with different bloggers about their best and most memorable throwbacks,