Please Enjoy Two Minutes Of Hitters Trying To Make Contact With The Most Disgusting Shit You've Ever Seen

Two minutes of major league pitchers throwing shit that's nastier than your mom's mustache. I mean, JEEEEESUS! I watched that video and was making audible reactions like I was sitting through a Human Centipede/Two Girls, One Cup double feature.

Where's the dickhead that made that list of the most difficult sports in the world? I didn't even read it; I just heard about it on the radio and know that baseball was like tenth or something. Send this video to that guy. Tell me more about how fucking tennis is more difficult than hitting this shit. If guys started throwing pitches like these back when Babe Ruth was playing, they would've burned them at the stake for being witches.

Just remember this video when you're sitting on your couch watching baseball and a guy takes a heater right down the dick. Before you scream, "What da fuck are ya lookin' aaaaat?!" at the TV, please know that they were expecting one of these pitches and got something else. When shit this nasty is in the back of your mind, it can do really awful things to your psyche.

It's hilarious that some pitchers wonder why hitters pimp homers. It's because hitting a baseball is really, really fucking hard. After watching this video, I seriously have no idea how anybody hits a baseball period at that level.