Malaysia Airlines Doing The Only Thing It Can Do Now...Changing It's Name

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Source – Reeling under the pressure of two catastrophic aviation tragedies, Malaysia Airlines is mulling a name change and restructuring of routes in a bid to repair its reputation, a media report has said. The Malaysian flag carrier, majority-owned by the government, is likely to change its name as part of a radical overhaul and also seek new investors to rebuild its business after two major tragedies within six months killing 537 people, The Telegraph reported. Work has begun on a strategic review that will restructure the airline’s routes and expand ousourcing to increase profitability, the report said. “Our majority shareholder, the Malaysian government, has already started a process of assessing the future shape of our business and that process will now be speeded up as a result of MH17,” Dunleavy wrote. “There are several options on the table but all involve creating an airline fit for purpose in what is a new era for us, and other airlines,” he said. Those options are said to include renaming and rebranding the airline, which carries 50,000 passengers a day and employs 20,000 staff, the report said.


Yea so I guess things haven’t been going too peachy for Malaysia Air over the last couple of months. OJ Simpson is on the line, and he thinks Malaysia Airlines has given itself a pretty bad name. So what else to do besides just change it? That way, it’s like nothing ever happened. They can call it literally whatever they want, and then guess what, clean slate. Blank record. Did two planes crash and hundreds of lives lost? Nope, that wasn’t us, that airline is out of business. New airline will boast a 100% success rate on not crashing planes. It’s genius. I just don’t know what’s taking so long. Comcast knows it’s reputation is pure baby shit, so it’s scrambling and changing everything to Xfinity. They’re like if we put an X in front of it, people will think it’s cool (because apparently Comcast thinks we are still living in 1999..wouldn’t surprise me if they change their colors to teal and black too).

On the other hand, why even bother changing the name now? What are the chances you could lose a 3rd plane? By my math, negative a million %, give or take a few % each way. So time to churn out some press releases. Crash free for the last month! Haven’t lost a plane in 6 weeks! It’s all about how you spin it.