Today In Knicks Land: Stephon Marbury Is Ranting And Literally Spitting On Instagram Because The Knicks Hired 'World Wide Sucker'

Let's check in on a former Knick and how he's handling the hiring of World Wide Wes. Annnddddd someone get Steph a jar of Vaseline ASAP. This just feels like standard Steph though. I have no idea who he actually wanted in the front office, but it's clear he's not happy it's Wes. 

I did have to laugh with him starting the rant 'at New York Knicks.' Hey Steph, when you're talking that's not how @'s work. You don't have to say it that way, it's not google translate here. And to answer him as to why they'd bring Wes in. Uhh, he's connected with every player in the league. He's friends with Leon Rose and they've worked together in the past. Because you need new faces like this, especially dealing with James fucking Dolan. 

Steph refusing to swear on Twitter might be the weirdest thing about it all. Just say ass dude. We all swear. Plus, you ate a jar of vaseline on social media before. Pretty sure saying ass anywhere you want is allowed after that. As for Wes being a kiss ass? As long as it's not to Dolan, good. I want him to kiss every player's ass. Kiss Leon Rose's ass. Do anything to start getting better talent and success in the franchise. 

Love being a Knicks fan. So much fun.