Wake Up With Vince Carter's 2000 Dunk Contest

There's no other way to wake up this morning. Vince retires yesterday and I blogged his top-5 in-game dunks ever, but this? This is what really put Vince on the map. This was our generation's dunk contest. This was Vince doing shit where everyone was like ohh we haven't really seen that before. I still have no idea how this was 20 years ago. I remember it so vividly. I know we've seen crazy shit lately in the dunk contest but this will always be the greatest individual performance I've ever seen. It also gave us one of the most used gifs in the history of gifs. You have to remember in 2000 some of this shit wasn't normal. Shout out Vince, shout out the GOAT dunk contest. Not to mention you had him rocking the purple Raptors jersey. If it was the pinstripes, that's the only way this gets more iconic. 

Part of me feels robbed we didn't get more dunk contests with Vince, but at the same time it's fitting he just gave us this.